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However, all the game control settings have reverted to default settings. If you are connected, you must upload the proconrulz. Now we can also enter the connection data for the database in the plugin settings tab for adkats. Open procon, connect to server and go to the plugins tab. Procon will divide most game data into kit, weapon, damage and specializations. My question is on change over to battlefield 4 will the procon layer with all the pre loaded plugins, admin assigned accounts, white list, current reserved slots work as normal or will there be a procon update specific for. This file isnt created by default, so youll need to follow the steps below to add it. After a restart of the procon layer, this plugin should also be found in the procon client. Finding the best monitor or mouse for games such as cs. But it can be a pain to type them in every time you load the game. Recently, i had to stop the streams from procon layer to the bf3 server, but i worked out it was something in the procon. Procon hosting details offers a fully featured procon hosting solution that gives you these features and more.

Forbid weapons based on maps and gamemode was plugin no 1 durin the vote list server rules automatically if there is an infingement status. Team faction overrid page 22 battlelog battlefield 4. Fortunately you can create a configuration file to be loaded automatically when you start bf4. How to install apk file description screenshots to see the full description of procon bf4 ed.

Everyone will see phogue has been kicked for team killing. Started a help job to translate menus and message from procon layer plugin, so you can help administrators who speak my language, bf4db was the first, soon i will be translating the most used procon layer plugins. Procon bf4 edition for ios free download and software. Instant activation, no setup fees, cancel anytime, 5day refund guarantee. Modern warfare warzone fps guide best pc settings for high fps. Procon if you have downloaded the procon client and have rebooted the procon in the web interface, you can open it and connect to the server using the data in the web interface on the. Computer you will have on 247 w a static internal ip. The posted file is in no way associated with techpowerup. Yes, you can change pretty much all of your settings, as well. Its a 12 slot server but when a team gets 6 players it wont allow more players on that team. I have a gtx 1080ti and was wondering what settings people use to see better. Ignores any settings within procon and just blocks the update check.

Adkats advanced ingame admin and ban enforcer for procon frostbite. How to set up your own procon layer server for supported. I have the server up and running and am managing it through procon, ive been able to ftp three mods up to the procon layer host and am only seeing one of them in the plugins tab in procon, and i need some help finding working versions of those and others. Ingame admin responses will be displayed to everyone in the server.

This forum contains all newsposts and their comments. Battlefield 3 game servers at 4netplayers are exclusive game server running on their own dedicated hardware. Bf4 server admin config answer hq ea answers hq en. As said in the posts above, dice silently released a patch for the battlefield 4 beta, which changed the location of the settings files, breaking bf4 settings editor in the process. Could someone tell me how to transfer the game control settings from one pc to another pc. Unzip this and place both the included files in the plugins\bf4 folder on your procon layer filesystem. The author is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to the bf4 config utility. Right now im at high settings with ultra textures no msaa or fxaa and 125 rs and vsync. Appendix 2 lists the actual real values available for these in battlefield 3, and the values for whatever game you are using will be dynamically displayed in the proconrulz plugin details tab within the procon client. Bf4serverstats bf4 server stats page using xpkillers procon stats logging plugin. Unzip this and place both the included files in the plugins\ bf4 folder on your procon layer filesystem.

Anyone could write procon if they have programing knowledge. Battlefield 4 game servers at 4netplayers are exclusive game server running on their own dedicated hardware. I cant get plugins onto procon like, auto balance, punish, rank, map voteing, vote kick. How to reset your procon layer how to reconfigure a procon layer 1. He also quotes phogue at procon as reverse engineering bf3 so he could control it. How to connect your procon layer to a different game server. Oct 04, 20 the bf4 config utility is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

This is a basic guide to show you how to get your procon layer server up and running. Recently, i had to stop the streams from procon layer to the bf3 server, but i worked out it was something in the g causing the issue and now its not affecting the server. Im using procon locally even tho tbd rents hosted procon from branzone, thats for the admins to connect to and use. The bf4 config utility is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Procon has been around since badcompany 2 and was programmed using administration documentation released by dice on how to communicate with a server or create your own rcon tool. Copyright 2014 a different kind, llc adkats was inspired by the gaming community a. After a few hours of messing with it and trying to find info online i gave up and canceled server till i can find someone to help me. This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to set up your own procon server. Please use code blocks when pasting in errors or anything that comes from the software. Bf1 servers thread for discussion of server rentals and. A group of friends have a private server for mini games and scrims but i cant find a command that allows unlocked teams autobalance is off. Port following my forumla mentioned below22000 port incrementtoghether with your rcon password which can be found on your bf4 gamepanel page default config files startup. There are some great console commands in battlefield 4, such as the fps display and frame rate limiter. To download the latest version available, simply click the big latest version link.

I setup a procon layer with but it pretty much just had the same server settings that nfo has. Next step is to set up your administrating tool on the server pc. The web interface and procon layer are pretty much all the same in general. Statistics such as promotions, weapons and honours are saved on ranked servers and, for many games, compared with many other players worldwide in a huge ranking list. Battlefield 4 tweaks guide how to improve graphics and. How to setup a free procon layer for battlefield servers. This application works as a standalone remote administration tool for pcversion battlefield 4 game servers.

My clan is busy getting a new usbased server setup and populated, i get to be the admin, whoo hoo. Configs are now saved when a plugin is enableddisabled or a setting has changed via the parent layer control. No other files are required on the layer side, only the adkats. This means you can add vip players for a custom time period, whether it. Oct 27, 20 how to setup a free procon layer for battlefield servers. Please refer to the procon manual or your layer provided for file access. Was wondering if anyone can help me with some video settings. Please direct any issues or questions in this thread.

It can be a useful feature in a game like bf4 but again, if the resources are the issue, you should reduce it to medium. We had a bf3 server that could be as one sided as we want but. Procon frostbite for forums battlelog battlefield 4. Bf3bf4 rconnet admin tool view topic plugin wishlist. It includes a time management control for each vip player. If a new issue happens thats the same, please create a new topic in this forum. Sep 19, 2014 i setup a procon layer with but it pretty much just had the same server settings that nfo has.

Official default bf4 setting, much like we saw in beta, ranked settings tweaked within certain boundaries, and unranked passwordprotected private servers, and servers running admin scripts andor with settings changed outside set limits. See forbidden weapon plugin notification if premium account expires. Procon layer post by flyingmongoose fri sep 27, 20 3. Knowledgebase categories ark survival evolved linux 6. Stop the procon layer through the web control panel. Cant connect to your procon layer if you are unable to connect to your procon layer do the following. We research the monitors, mice, and other gaming peripherals of professional esports players and analyze them. Procon now saves config files as unicode but will read any format. Thinking about the future and a bf1 server noobs r us. Im struggling to find the best settings for me to play at.

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