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Refinishing while preserving character our most popular option. Garvins gun stock shop gunstock repair refinishing. I was told when i bought my gun that it had an oil finish, but it has now gone very dull and there are lots of pores showing in the wood. Shotgun stocks are much easier to work on than rifle stocks, because there are many more areas on a rifle stock that can have unique little designs like side panels.

The biggest mistake made by most gun owners is to attack a rifle stock with sandpaper when they start the refinishing process. Being in the gun world for years has helped him become extremely knowledgeable in the area. Gun stock refinishing 7 matching articles field and stream. Stock refinishing part i top rated supplier of firearm. Please confirm a quote from our gunsmiths before work is started. After removing the old varnish its simply a matter of sanding and rubbing the boiled linseed oil into the.

Treating mold on rifle stocks recently a friend has asked for my help in disposing of a collection of firearms. Browse the selection of gun stocks and rifle stocks offered by numrich gun parts today. Our repairs are structurally solid, esthetically proper and affordable. Stock refinishing velocity works, guns, firearms, ammo, gunsmith, ffl transfers, westerville, ohio. Gun stock oil finish comparison the sections below compare linseed oil to tung oil finishes on the same section of a gun stock. So firstly apply a thinned coat to the interior areas and do it quickly. If the gun youre considering for refinishing is a collectible, please be advised that any alteration to the originality of the firearm, including refinishing the stock, may decrease the street value of its potential collectible status. I have done some in the past and what i will be showing you is my own proven method on how to get that glossy new out of the box look out of your tired looking stocks. Prices on stocks that are made here are 15% cheaper as there is no finish to remove. The low expectation guide to clunker gun restoration. Stocks are made with the grain because of the strength never sand against the grain. Gun stock oil finish comparison spare time activities.

Refinishing a gunstock can be fun, easy and quite satisfying if you choose the right kit. I was asked to refinish a gun stock to be used as a gift. Gun stock refinishing made easy trap shooters forum. The finish on the stock was very dry and completely gone in many areas. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new. Shotgun stocks are much easier to work on than rifle stocks, because there are many more areas on a rifle stock that can have unique little designs like side panels, snobbles, shadow lines, wild cheek pieces, etc. With use over time, wooden gun stocks can get to a point where the finish is dull and damaged. The low expectation guide to clunker gun restoration some minor gun restoration advice neither guns and shooting online nor the author assume any liability for accidents, injury, hurt feelings, disappointment, anger, or befuddlement from the use or misuse of this information by randy d. Some years back, i refinished a winchester 94 3030 rifle whose bluing was beyond hope. In our case we took 50 year old rifle stock and made it look almost like it came out of the.

The gun should have been worth a fortune, but because of bad decisions and sloppy work, it wasnt. The gun used for this demonstration is a turkish model 1903 8mm mauser rifle made in 1940 with serial number 29147. See more ideas about rifle stock, guns and hunting guns. Next, hold the stock firmly in your rubbergloved hands, and using the flat scraper, start at the checkering and scrape back towards the butt of the gun.

Eden prairie, mn the perfect finish is a truoil gun stock finish. Linseed oil is sold raw in its pure form, and its added to oilbased paints. Make your favorite rifle or shotgun look good as new with these tips. Nothing degrades the look of a gun more than a dodgy looking stock. The better the stock wood, the more it is worth the effort to refurbish the stock and bring out the best in the timber. Hand crafted gun stock refinishing by beauty of wood. As well, an extremely valuable firearm may be perceived of lesser value if modifications. For the beginner, the most important part of the kit is the instructions. The 3 ounce bottle is more than enough to finish a few rifle stocks.

If its an epoxy finish, it will look as though nothing is happening. Stock refinishing velocity works, guns, firearms, ammo. But this is a great book for traditional finishing and refinishing of classic gunstocks, especially those made prior to and during the second world war. Before beginning any such work on a vintage gun, however, you should determine whether its collectors value will. A popular method for refinishing a rifle stock is by handrubbing it with boiled linseed oil. I have worked at a custom gun shop and have experience in stock repairs and refinishing.

Wyatt is a graduate of the pennsylvania gunsmith school. This is popular for customers with a budget and arent necessarily looking for that brand new look. The miles gilbert advanced stock refinishing kit includes a professionally made, stepbystep refinishing a gunstock dvd which is easily worth the price of the kit. He handles repairs and custom gunsmithing for all types of firearms. At that point, you need to look into refinishing the stock. Stock refinishing does not include checkering or recheckering although this is highly recommended to have done. Sooner or later, everyone who tinkers with guns is going to try his hand at refinishing a stock. The stock i will be doing is a savage 5100 it had a varnished factory finish from the 60s. Read full article in this video we are finally responding to so many requests for information on refinishing a gun stock. But there was just a brief mention of a touchup bluing kit and no information on refinishing the metal parts. Wyatt enjoys any challenge when it comes to custom 1911 builds, refinishing any firearm and custom action and trigger work. Some of the words used will be will be grain, grain filling and figure.

How to refinish a rifle stock with boiled linseed oil. Success at any task falls heavily on preparation, and never more so than in refinishing a stock. Chemically removing the finish and cleaning the wood is the only way to ensure a minimal amount of. Inexpensive, readily available, easy to apply, dries fast, and you can do any sort of finish from a handrubbedoil look to a browningshinyplastic look. You can be sure i will take the time and steps to ensure a truly beautiful finish. I would have expected bluing to be covered, since it can be done at home with care. Pure tung oil will dry eventually, but especially in a humid environment it can take just this side of forever. Quality gunstock refinishing requires attention to detail. Gunstock repair and refinishing swift river gunworks. While some aging is considered normal and can add to the aesthetic of the gun, it is not practical to allow the finish to deteriorate.

This assumes, of course, that youre dealing with a wood stock. Using products made for gun stock repair is always first choice but if there was a national disarmament then repairing a cracked or broken gun stock would be better than trying to make one. We used a try gun, with a stock that adjusts in every direction, and we began with me pointing the gun at objects on the far. I want to create an instructable for refinishing gun stocks. The wood also had a lot of various dents and gouges in it.

Our complete stock finish kit gives you everything you need to finish a new stock or to refinish an old stock. The vast majority of my customers are much too far away to walk into my shop, but i am, you and i will communicate more than any gunsmith you have dealt with in the past. Its a very affordable product and one of the best gun stock finishing kits in my book. And whats the point of giving a new finish to a gun without also sweetening up the stock. All cracks and chips must be repaired before refinishing. How to refinish a gunstock professional gunstock refinishing. A few dollars invested in some simple materials and hard work can turn an old. Severly water damaged marlin 336 after wparkerized finish stock refinishing hand rubbed, high gloss and matte finishes. In this video we are finally responding to so many requests for information on re finishing a gun stock. Gun stocks rifle stocks for sale numrich gun parts. A rifle s original finish can become compromised from wear, weather, accident or abuse. Refinishing stocks on milsurplus rifles springfield xd.

Numrich is the worlds largest provider of gun parts, including gun stocks, and we have everything that you need for your latest repair or restoration project. I long ago gave up on it for gun stocks and went to tru oil. If you just need to do a touch up of two, consider the walnut stain pen to make a few simple fixes. The buttplate was broken and the toe of the stock broken off at the tip. To an untrained eye, the gun may have looked ok, but it earned a poor rating due to the shoddy refinishing. Give me the honor of making a truly beautiful wood stock for you. A truoil finish is weather resistant this is the term birchwood casey uses, not proof, looks terrific, is very tough, and can be easily repaired or renewed. A manual of instruction in the manufacture, alteration, and repair of.

Rifle stock maintenance manual ahg african hunting gazette. Well strip off the old finish and sand down the wood without removing all those character marks before applying a finish of your choice. I can refinish your wood stock down to the color and finish of your preference. To makeover a stock youll need something to remove the old finish, sandpaper and sanding blocks, and the materials to produce a new finish. How to refinish military rifle stocks gone outdoors. Most of the old rifles were manufactured with a fine grade of walnut for their stocks, so this will more closely match the original color of the weapons finish. This will produce a deep, rich color to the wood that can actually look more attractive than modern wood rifle stocks. Hand is the operative word here, because theres nothing quite like a handrubbed oil finish to bring out the natural beauty of wood. Refinish your stock how to use stock finish how to refinish a rifle stock as you likely know, such online blurbs have something to say about everything under the sun and then some.

Boses guns gun repair, restoration, and gunsmithing. I show you how to finish or refinish a rifle stock with birchwoodcasey tru. Many times we have returned to service firearms which the owners believed to be unrepairable. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic, but i doubt ill be doing much of my own gun repair work if this book is my only guide.

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