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Before going to the concept of good governance in islam, we must know what governance is. Influence of accountability and transparency on governance in islam. The holy quran describes good governance as the law of justice, a just and principled order and compliance of rights and responsibilities in a society. Khan advances an alternate paradigm for islamic polities and politics. Until we change that, we will never have good governance, he said. A political philosophy of ihsan, and asks so why not in politics. He must consider himself not a ruler but a servant. An important principle of good governance is that the ruler must be sincere and of impeccable character. Good governance in islam islam provides a blueprint for organizing the social and political affairs of human society. What is good governance good governance includes 8 guiding principles that are used in the processes of making and implementing decisions. Poverty alleviation through good governance in nigeria. Islam and good governance a political philosophy of. Unfortunately, these political realities in muslim countries further reinforce the stereotyping by western sceptics of the ugly presence of religion in. Good governance, islam, divine leader, governance of apostle of god, nondemocratic governor, unity of command, people oriented.

The term good governance is a multidimensional which occupies a central stage in the islamic political discourse. Good governance in islam pakistan journal of islamic research. It is unfair of muslims to demand nonmuslims bypass realities like isis and alqaeda and discover true islam. Good governance is an approach to government committed to creating a system that protects human rights and civil liberties. Medinas jews who were giving good news about the arrival of a prophet who would soon come and with his help, the jews would. The author moves beyond the dominant model of islamic governance advanced by. Therefore, the study compared the existing literature on good governance with the relevant examples narrated in the holy quran that is the divines last book. Islamic teachings provide for the establishment of a just order where welfare of people stands out as the core goal. Principles of good governance in islam mile webinar.

Islamicity aug 29, 2003 19 comments, islamic political system is based on its specific worldview that is essential to know in any understanding of islam. Forthcoming lectures, seminars and workshops based on islam and good governance. Equality before the laws of the state ensures the sustainability of. So, i also labor to make the base of the governance of hazrat umar to justice with the above topic. Good governance mean the art of government, in which all public decision and other affair are dealt transparency and the government official are made responsible and. In the words of fourth rightly guided caliph hazrat ali ra they should have the qualities of refinement, experience, alertness, power of comprehending problems, secrecy, freedom from greed. However, to ensure sustainable human development, actions must be taken to work towards this ideal with the aim of. Regardless of its limitations, i believe it is a unique contribution to islamic political thought and i hope it inspires many muslims and nonmuslims to engage in virtuous politics. In islamic concept of good governance, those in authority behave with restraint and avoid abuse of power. In this insightful, passionate book, muqtedar khan focuses on the importance of the. From the period of first caliph abu baker to umayyad caliph hisham, we can see good governance as well as achievements. The work invites muslims to move away from thinking about the form of islamic government and to strive to create a selfcritical society that defends national virtue and generates institutions and practices that provide good governance.

Muqtedar khan is professor at the university of delaware, usa. Constructing an alternative concept of islamic governance. Islam, good governance, democracy, hakimiyyah, rule of law. Pengertian good governance adalah suatu penyelenggaraan manajemen pembangunan yang solid dan bertanggung jawab yang sejalan dengan prinsip demokrasi dan pasar yang efisien, penghindaran salah alokasi dana investasi dan pencegahan korupsi baik secara politik maupun administratif. Islamic provisions, if properly followed, would lead to good governance. Anis is meritorious professor and vice chancellor, riphah international university, islamabad. M a muqtedar khan this book advances an islamic political philosophy based on the concept of ihsan, which means to do beautiful things. An additional source of good governance criticism is the intelligent persons guide to good governance, written by surendra munshi.

Individuals and organizations around the world use social responsibility and good governance to show their association with activities for societys progress. Influence of accountability and transparency on governance. A political philosophy of ihsan, is a mustread book for those who need to understand the nature of politics in islam. The use of good governance principles can decrease corruption and misuse of resourc. Many individuals tend to either wave away and be bored with the idea of governance. Introduction democracy and good governance, indeed, enjoy close affinity with each other. This is a recording of my interview with ahmed tharwat for his tv show belahdan.

He questioned scholars of the past and critiques islamism for reducing islam to an ideology. Concept of good governance in islam alquran classes. Democracy will bring no good at all, it is a shame that so called muslims today want to mix islam with western values. Pdf principles of good governance in islam published version. In this research paper, it has been endeavored a lot to discuss the good governance of islam. Governance also focuses on the formal and informal structures set in place to arrive at and implement the decision. This is an announcement of my latest book islam and good governance. Principles of good governance in islam mohammad azram main thesis the first impression and the main thesis of this chapter is that the quran does not teach us the art of slavery.

One of his letters was written to malik ashtar when he was appointed as the governor of egypt. The letter, reproduced below, is regarded as a basic guide in islamic administration. The first impression and the main thesis of this chapter is that the quran does not teach us the art of slavery. Munshis work was created in order to revive good governance.

The author moves beyond the dominant model of islamic governance advanced by modern day islamists. A has been regarded as the splendid period of governance in the islamic history. Principles of good governance in islam iium repository irep. Good governance sebagai kriteria negaranegara yang baik dan berhasil dalam pembangunan, bahkan dijadikan semacam kriteria untuk memperoleh kemampuan bantuan optimal dan good governance dianggap sebagai istilah standar untuk organisasi publik hanya dalam arti pemerintahan. Muqtedar khan spoke at acmcu and gave a presentation on the topics covered in his new book, islam and good governance. Very few countries and societies have come close to achieving good governance in its totality. Fiftythreeyearold professor muhammad abdul muqtedar khan is a wellestablished muslim scholar who cites the hadith that allah has commanded ihsan in all things, in his new book islam and good governance. The model of good governance in islam article pdf available in african journal of business management 52718 sep 2011. Roadmap for ensuring good governance in islamic perspective khadija aziz and sonia ambreen, shaheed benazir bhutto women university, peshawar this article roadmap for ensuring good governance in islamic perspective is a reflection of the different duties an islamic state is bound to discharge in religious. Islamic concept of good governance jahangirs world times. Pdf the model of good governance in islam shazia aziz. He believes that ihsan is as much a political concept as it is theological or religious and it means proper utilization of human and material resources for the wellbeing of all.

Quranic guidance on good governance examinations point. An islamic perspective abdullahi muallahyidi nura ahmed department of islamic studies, school of arts and social sciences, aminu saleh college of education, azare i. It is thus, against the aforementioned that, this paper looks at the influence of accountability and transparency on good governance in islam. A political philosophy of ihsan, palgrave macmillan, 2019.

Khan critically examines his own faith traditions and questions many assumptions that have become part of muslim dogma and thinking. The overriding objective of islam is to establish a just sociomoral and. Moral governance of the prophet muhammad s part i mohammad nasr isfahani 1. An islamic state is currently one where islamic law is enforced and these are laws that come from the medieval understanding of islam. Similarly, he should be mindful of his every act, that it should not harm his subjects.

Good governance evolved under the cloak of the democratization process. The overriding objective of islam is to establish a just sociomoral and economicpolitical order in this world. Good governance, islam, divine leader, governance of apostle of god, nondemocratic governor, unity of command, people oriented governance. His book islam and good governance is a brilliant and valuable addition to islam and politics. Good governance the concept in the last twenty years, the concepts of governance and good governance have become widely used in both the academic and donor communities. Islamic principle of ihsan in revitalizing muslim life and thought globally in. Under the guidance when the first caliph of islam took the oath, he appeared before the people and asked him to make him accountable if he strays away from the path shown by allah and his prophet s. Governance is regulation and delivery of duties and rights as per policies and thus good governance implies to deliverance if these duties in best manner. The model of good governance in islam comsats lahore. Secara konseptual good dalam bahasa indonesia baik dan governance adalah. These two traditions have dissimilar conceptualisations. The paper discusses concept of leadership, qualities of a leader and good governance, the paper however concludes thatfor this country to move forward, leaders at all level should stand firm to do the right thing and give selfless.

Hazrat ali the blessed one, the fourth caliph of islam, in his policy instructions issued. Principles of good governance in islam iium repository. It is a different matter though that the muslims are busy in reversing this process. Islam and good governance a political philosophy of ihsan. This book uses political philosophy to propose a contemporary understanding of ihsan and islamic governance. Pdf the model of good governance in islam researchgate. This study is therefore necessary because many countries of the world are faced with social. Islam and good governance is my humble endeavor to show how ihsan can be applied while engaging in politics. Good governance is measured by participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, consensus oriented, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness and. Durham etheses constructing the architectonics and. In public administration all the key public functionaries ought to be people of high calibre, just and energetic and must possess qualities of head and heart. The author analyzes the quran and islamic political philosophy to present a new understanding of islam, philosophy, political theology and middle eastern politics. Seems writer did not study history of islam, properly. Islam and good governance center for global policy cgp.

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