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Considerthe previous exam plesasensor is attacked in order to affect its contribution to the adver sarys knowledge, thereby affecting the adversarys decision process. He initiated the australian and new zealand systems conference and the australian conference on information warfare. This unclassified synopsis of the classified 2018 national defense strategy articulates our strategy to compete, deter, and win in this environment. Information warfare is the tactical and strategic use of information to gain an advantage. They complement and facilitate the traditional use of military force but in some instances may stand alone as a deter. Information warfare iw, defined as a targeted effort to undermine and neutralize. Bill was the cofounder of the journal of information warfare. Office of the chief of naval operations, department of the navy, opnavinst 3430. Information warfare is the manipulation of information trusted by a target without the targets awareness so that the target will make decisions against their interest but in the interest of the one conducting information warfare.

The very nature of the actor and target, as well as the degree of asymmetry between them, is important. Both provide a decided edge at informationbased warfare, electronic warfare, and commandandcontrol warfare. A return to information warfare army heritage and education center. Underst arfare mcdc countering hybrid warfare project. He has 33 years experience in information systems, systems thinking, influence operations and security in government, the oil and finance industries, and academia. This book offers an overview of the ethical problems posed by information warfare, and of the different approaches and methods used to solve them, in order to provide the reader with a better. Incorporated as a notforprofit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in geneva, switzerland, the forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests.

The most noteworthy primary source was information warfare. Toward a functional model of information warfare l. Prior to working with the dod, he served for 20 years in the u. Please note that this is excerpt from larger study related to maneuvering and tactics in cyber warfare. Bgl358001fp001 land force information operationselectronic warfare is issued on the authority of the chief of the land staff. Determine the scope of national information interests to be defended by information warfare defense and deterrence capabilities. Information warfare policy, strategy, and operations. The convergence of information warfare air university. Adp 390 provides the doctrine for the conduct of offensive and defensive operations, just as adp 307 provides doctrine for the conduct of stability operations, and adp 3. Soviet origins of russias hybrid warfare by maria snegovaya introduction t he kremlin has been implementing a novel strategic approach in ukraine since at least february 2014 that depends heavily on russias concept of information warfare. The gerasimov doctrine builds a framework for these new tools, and declares that nonmilitary tactics are not auxiliary to the use of force but the preferred way to win. In other words, those nations or organisations that think they understand russian information warfare on the basis of current studies, and are responding by preparing for currently visible threats and capabilities, are out of date and will be surprised once again by what happens next. Information operations, information warfare, and computer network.

Some of the major controversies in cyber war debate are also presented and critically discussed. Will information war prove to be americas sword or a paper mach shield. Joint concept for operating in the information environment. Strategic information warfare and postcold war strategy. It has been addressed in writings, conferences, doctrine and plans, and military reorganizations, and it has been proposed as a fundamental element of 21stcentury conflict. This book identifies what this deceptively simple information age characteristic actually entails and how learning to use information is an inherently complex and disruptive process. Taking a literal view of the term warfare, the elements needed to perform iw are. The information domain as an element of national power. Fourth generation warfare uses all available networks political, economic, social, and military to convince the enemys political decision makers that their strategic goals are either unachievable or too costly for the perceived benefitthe only medium that can change a persons mind is information. See figure 1 for a depiction of the battlespace dimensions. Ii5 notional joint intelligence support element and. But could not a state use cyber means as a weapon of mass destruction or disruption, targeting an enemys nicholas a. First, deterrence is always from an actor toward a target.

The information warfare elective taught by lt col near and lt col ryan was a tremendous source of key information. Information operations modern military theory, going back as far as the napoleonic era, divides warfare into three levels. Elements of a legal framework827 5 traditional means of conducting iw include psychological operations, electronic warfare, military deception, physical destruction and information attack. Integration of dime in the twentyfirst century the turn of the last five centuries has been a time for change and new strategic thinking for the powers of the world. As a result, it is not clear when information warfare begins, ends, and how strong or destructive it is. This article sets the stage for a discussion of cyber warfare with concise definitions of the main concepts, followed by descriptions of new risks and current responses. Io enhance the ability of the magtf to project power during peace and war. The profession of arms in a democracy is not exempt from oversight or from consideration of just conduct, even in warfare. L theinformationsystemslayers thephysical elements that generate, transfer, orstore. This is because it is in our civilian lives that we. Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of information warfare explains the elements of command and control warfare discusses intelligence support to command and control warfare covers joint command and control warfare organization.

Yet political warfare must go beyond even these conceptualizations, because it must include capabilities that reflect the rapid technological developments that have led to the emergence of warfare in the cyber domain. This work encompasses casting out demons, rebuking demons, counselling, teaching how to use the spiritual weapons of warfare, using the spiritual weapons in our daily lives against the attacks of the enemy from temptation, right up to the. First, it delineates the relation between information warfare and the information revolution. The aim of the journal of information warfare is to provide the definitive publication for the latest research in the critical areas of information warfare, information operations, cyber crime and cyber warfare. Essential elements of information publication guidance. The elements of iw extend beyond the techniques and capabilities for traditional forms of information attack. Introduction from the morris worm in 1988 to the 2017 presidential election, cyber intrusions and attacks have become common place in contemporary society. The militarys embrace of information warfare as a slogan over. In this era, failing to be competitive in optimizing the above five aspects of information is tantamount to abdication. Spiritual warfare is the other half of medical missionary work.

This is in large part due to our increasing reliance upon technology and computing to build and maintain our social, political and financial infrastructures. Whether manifested as combat enabler, warfare domain, weapon, threat or warfighting discipline, information has become an indispensable. Identify the information users of national interest who can be attacked through the shared elements of the national information infrastructure. Introduction a new type of war has emerged, in which armed warfare has given up its decisive place in the achievement of the military and political objectives of war to another kind of warfare information warfare. This book presents an information warfare framework that is more aligned to national infrastructure and military systems protection than commercial enterprises. In this dissertation i build a grand theory of military strategy, consisting of a simple twopole, physical and psychologically oriented framework, minitheories of military strategy, and additionally, concepts of employment that describe conceptual actions that can be employed by. The information domain as an element of national power by robert kozloski strategic insights is a quarterly electronic journal produced by the center for contemporary conflict at the naval postgraduate school in monterey, california. It focuses only on elements that can be found in offensive capabilities. Principles of information warfare journal of information. However, the framework and systematic discussion of all of the relevant elements of information warfare can be applied to any environment commercial, government or military. Eeis represent the evolution of the localized data sharing components from the custodial owners of data into a hierarchical system that allows for specific information requirements to be shared and understood at a regional or national view.

The past remains important for the present and continues to affect the way russia analyzes its situational context. Jan 04, 2017 information warfare is the tactical and strategic use of information to gain an advantage. Toward a functional model of information warfare central. A single exploit into a government database or read more. Information warfare and deception 214 opportunities to go out on operations in an uncontrolled ad hoc way. A later doctrine from the us air force 2005 on information warfare actually, information op erations refers to influence operations as one of the four major components of the information environment network warfare operations, electronic warfare operations and. Capability of the peoples republic of china to conduct. Jp 30, joint operations, 17 january 2017, incorporating. Jun 27, 2008 information warfare iw is one of the hottest topics in current discussions of battlefield and geopolitical conflict. It is more than likely that both the victims and the perpetrators of information warfare will be found in the civilian sphere. The reemergence of longterm strategic competition, rapid dispersion of technologies, and new concepts of warfare and competition that span the entire. Our exercise scenario highlighted from the start a fundamental aspect of strategic information warfare. Three levels of warfare strategic, operational, and tacticalmodel the relationship between. This is starting to change as elements of the two disciplines fuse to form the new subject of information warfare.

For decades, electronic warfare has been a separate subject from computer security, even though they have some common technologies such as cryptography. The more technologically advanced a nation is, the more vulnerable it is itself to the techniques of information warfare. Russia has been using an advanced form of hybrid warfare in ukraine since early 2014 that relies heavily on an element of information warfare that the russians call reflexive control. But information warfare, both defensive and offensive, is not confined to the battlefield. Jcoie recognizes that individuals and groups today have access to more information than entire governments once possessed. Such a wide spectrum of uses makes it difficult to identify the peculiarities of this. In fact, it is a matter of far more urgency to the citizen than to the soldier. The fallacies of fourth and fifth generation warfare.

The term information warfare refers to the use of information, and attacks on information, as a tool of warfare. At the abstract level, the interface between these two concepts is dependent on setting the context clearly. Conceptually, if and when potential adversaries attempt to damage these systems using iw techniques, information warfare inevitably takes on a strategic aspect. This policy rests on the principle, dont do to others what they can more easily do to you. Information 1wtrulyis aformof comprehensivewarfare, vulnerability ofsuch networks to penetration, exploitation, anddegra dation. In response to the threat of information war the british army has established two new formations. These trends, if unaddressed, will challenge our ability to deter aggression.

Principles of warfare are the evolved concepts, laws, rules and methods that guide the conduct of combat related activities during conflicts. This paper focuses on information warfarethe warfare characterised by the use of information and communication technologies. Report of the defense science board task force on information. The united states has substantial informationbased resources, including complex management systems and infrastructures involving the control of electric power, money flow, air traffic, oil and gas, and other informationdependent items. As an element of modern warfare, information has emerged as a center of gravity for military commanders and features prominently in the nations strategy. Adp 390 provides the doctrine for the conduct of offensive and defensive operations, just as adp 307 provides doctrine for the conduct of stability operations, and adp 328 provides the doctrine for the defense. Distributes pertinent information from chapter v, joint operations across. The conceptual analysis is developed in three parts. Information warfare and deterrence at the abstract level, the interface between these two concepts is dependent on setting the context clearly. At a very simplistic level information warfare can be thought of as an attack on any of the above five elements e. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Hybrid warfare conducted by state or nonstate actors are typically tailored to remain below obvious detection and response thresholds, and often rely on the speed, volume and ubiquity of digital technology that characterizes the present information age. Io consists of both information in warfare gaining and exploiting information as well as information warfare attacking and defending. Legal, regulatory, policy and organization considerations for assurance developed by the science applications. The images sent back to be broadcast to the televisions in the homes of america were quite powerful. Lambert brits krieg the strategy of economic warfare 8. Report on the capability of the peoples republic of china to conduct cyber warfare and computer network exploitation 6 executive summary the government of the peoples republic of china prc is a decade into a sweeping military modernization program that has fundamentally transformed its ability to fight high tech wars. The identified four information warfare scenarios for the 2030s as well as the information warfare future model can serve as frameworks or mental models for wider application in the tweps environments and further research. Strategy can be defined as the process of planning to achieve. Throughout history, soldiers, military theorists, political leaders, philosophers, academic scholars, practitioners of international law and human rights advocacy groups have sought to determine fundamental rules for the conduct of warfare. Information warfare may involve the collection of tactical information, assurance s that ones own information is valid, spreading of propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate citation needed the enemy and the public, undermining the quality of. Information warfare is also known as cyberwarfare, electronic warfare and cyberattack. This is a fast growing phenomenon, which poses a number of issues.

The journal is published four times a year and is available in traditional hard copy or pdf format. A later doctrine from the us air force 2005 on information warfare actually, information op erations refers to influence operations as one of the four major components of the information environment network warfare operations, electronic warfare operations and integrated control enablers are the others. Next, how these basic concepts are applied to information age advances are examined. From the perspective of this chapter, information warfare has to do with those processes that affect the commanders, staffs, opposing commanders, or civilians decisions, ability to make decisions, and confidence in decisions by affecting what information is available and when. The first field manual dealing holistically with information. Information warfare and information revolution icts are used in several combat activities, from cyber attacks to the deployment of robotic weapons and the management of communications among the fighting units. Information warfare is comprised of giving the enemy propaganda to convince them to give up and denying them information that might lead to their resistance. Information warfare as future weapon of massdisruption. Hhat it can do is trace some recurring themes or problems in the recent conduct of combined arms warfare in the british, french, german, soviet, and united states armies. Critical elements of the current posture that will affect any attempt to meet the navys goals in developing a competent information operations and warfare capability are discussed briefly below.

It includes multiple types of operations and has been pursued in radically different ways during different eras. Four centuries ago, the advent of the thirty years war in 1618 followed by the westphalia treaty of 1648 established the balance of power model of international order. Bgl358001fp001 electronic warfare takes effect upon receipt and replaces the bgl321004ft001 signals in battle, volume 4, tactical electronic warfare, dated 19890731. Information warfare and deception informing science. The world economic forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Capability of the peoples republic of china to conduct cyber. Where the will of the people, the moral high ground, and the technological high ground are the same, the profession will remain a useful and lofty one. The information about targets, about the forces involved in the operation, their overall condition, the material and environmental resources are provided to the deployment elements that may be located at great distances between them, given that they are. Applicability to combatant commanders staffs or subordinate joint forces may vary due to staff resources and responsibilities.

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