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You can also read the full text online using our ereader. If youre behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains. Travels of marco polo by marco polo, translated by henry yule. In these excerpts, marco polo described the port city of ormus. Many other explorers, including christopher columbus, looked up to him. And in that kingdom messer marco polo was detained five months by the weather, which would not allow of his going on. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. The travels of marco polo volume 1 by marco polo and.

Volume 2 of marco polos adventures is a text file to download for free from gutenberg project. Marco polo was supposedly born in the venetian republic, in what is now venice, italy. How marco polo went to china marco polo was born in venice in the year 1254. When the three polos finally returned to venice, the city state was at war with. The travels of marco polobook 3chapter 3 wikisource, the free. Yule quotes many explorers who say this is no exaggeration. This shows what he did say and what you can learn from it.

The travels of marco polo questions and answers discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on the travels of. Chapter 3 study guide by aktasfamily includes 93 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. The first third is introductory material, and there are 23 pages of gloss for every page of polos actual text. Its been a very famous and popular book since the 14th century, creating the image of marco polo as the icon of the bold traveller. In armenia he found petroleum, of which there was a fountain whence rises oil in such abundance, that a. The travels of marco polo, is a thcentury travelogue written down by rustichello da pisa from stories told by marco polo, describing the travels of the latter through asia, persia, china, and indonesia between 1271 and 1291. His famous journeys took him across the boundaries of the known world, along the dangerous silk road, and into the court of kublai kahn, where he won the trust of the most feared and reviled leader of his day. Later in life, polo told the story of his travels to a writer, and they created the book travels of marco polo. Read and learn for free about the following article. A wellknown traveler and explorer, marco polo headed for china along the silk road in the yuan dynasty 127168. His father, nicolo, and his uncle, maffeo, were merchants who had seats in the great council and were enrolled with the noblemen of venice. He jocularly said i did not write half of what i saw, for i.

Full text of the travels of marco polo the venetian see other formats. The author of a travel book that inspired christopher columbus. The venetian where excerpts are used in this module. As the first european to travel extensively throughout asia, marco polo was the earliest bridge between east and west. The travels of marco polo by marco polo, alex struik. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Marco polo was a thirteenthcentury venetian explorer, arguably the worlds most welltraveled explorer, and the travels of marco polo chronicles his journey through asia as a special envoy to. Reproduced by permission of giulio einaudi editore s. Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from europe to asia from 1271 to 1295 and remaining in china for 17 of those years. His book, the travels of marco polo, document much of his exploration into the regions of china, persia, tibet, and burma polo, 1961, preface. Have each student assume the role of marco polo and write an entry or more in his diary, describing the highlights of the journey from hormuz to kashgar. Full text of the travels of marco polo the venetian. In these excerpts, marco polo described the port city of ormus presentday hormuz.

Marco polo was known for the book, travels of marco polo, where he talked about asia. The resulting book, called the description of the world. In 1298, marco captained a galleyship in a battle against venices rival city, genoa, and was captured as a prisoner of war. Polos journey would last over two decades, including 17 years in china in the employ of the mongol ruler kublai khan. He was one of the first europeans to explore central asia and east asia. In part 2, chapter 40, marco polo reports what he describes as huge serpents. Marco polo, the great explorer, recorded seeing dragons. Choose the answer that will correctly complete the sentence. The travels of marco polo classics of world literature. It is possibly one of five manuscripts relating to marco polos journey that belonged to king charles v of. The travels of marco polo presents a broad and wideranging panorama of kubilai khans thirteenth century empire. The travels of marco polo, dictated by him, described chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to china and had a great effect on the european navigation. Marco polo on kubilai khan for the great khan their king is, i tell you, the wisest and most accomplished man, the greatest captain, and best to govern men and rule an empire, as well as the most. Look at the blank with the number 10 in the passage.

Marco polo simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are also stories and various documents which point to his ancestry originating in korcula, croatia. What you can learn from the travels of marco polo youtube. Many years later,marco polo, with the assistance of a romance novel writer, composed a book entitled the travels of marco polo, or, adescription of the world. In this excerpt from his book, polo describes a people called the tartars. Polo might have been forgotten had his book, the travels of marco polo, not. They traveled the silk road to china where he met the great ruler kublai khan.

In the excerpts that follow, marco polo or his arab sources describes the. This is a link to a scanned book version of the travels of marco polo. Each chapter of the book covers a specific region of china. Selected document excerpts with questions from the book of ser marco polo. Marco polo 1254 to january 8, 24 was a venetian explorer known for the book the travels of marco polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in asia. This book is available for free download in a number of formats including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. The million, deriving from polos nickname emilione, in english commonly called the travels of marco polo, is a thcentury travelogue written down by rustichello da pisa from stories told by italian explorer marco polo, describing polos travels through asia between 1271 and 1295, and his experiences at the court of kublai khan. Marco polos account of his journey throughout the east in the thirteenth century was one of the earliest european travel narratives, and it remains the most important. Your children will love coloring pages, solving puzzles, matching games, completing word searches, and much more. The travels of marco polo volume 1 by marco polo and rustichello of pisa free ebook project gutenberg. Polo by no means stands alone in giving the name of java to the island now called sumatra. Bullozde agostinigetty images the italian explorer marco polo was responsible for introducing europeans to many new discoveries, including some that were far from accurate.

Excerpt from the book of ser marco polo the venetian concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the east. For an example of a seemingly abridged passage, on caragian, see the. Each chapter is about the military, farming, religion, and culture of a certain area. Everyman s library edited by ernest rhys travel and topography marco polo s travels with an introduction by john masefield the publishers of jlbefr will be pleased to send freely to all applicants a list of the published and projected volumes to be comprised under. Introduction marco polo was a merchant in venice before he became the famous explorer we know today.

Marco also had another uncle who lived in constantinople and crimea and was engaged in commerce. Published in 1903 i repeat that everything appertaining to this city is on so vast a scale, and the great kaans yearly revenues therefrom are so immense, that it is not easy even to put it in writing, and it seems past belief to one who merely hears it told. He went back to venice to join his father and uncle. Marco polo was born in 1254 and died on january 8,24. His account of those travels, known in english as the travels of marco polo, is a classic. The travels by marco polo meet your next favorite book. When the three polo men returned to venice after an absence of 16 years, niccolo. Page 115 our notice of those portions of polos travels which deal with countries other than china must be very brief. The terms jawa, jawi, were applied by the arabs to the islands and productions of the archipelago generally e. If the book is to be believed, marco polo spent seventeen years in china, during.

The travels of marco polo born in venice in 1254 marco polo travelled with his father and uncle to asia and chronicled his travels. His travels were sometimes in lands never before visited by europeans and he had many strange adventures 10 the almost unknown tribes of asia. The travels of marco polobook 3chapter 10 wikisource. Filled with fun facts about the explorer and also of the times, this book is jam packed with. The book,the travels of marco polo, is the written record which chronicles the adventures and travels that marco polo experienced while exploring the eastern world. Marco polo if youre seeing this message, it means were having trouble loading external resources on our website. Marco polo lived during the th and 14th centuries a. The travels of marco polo by hugh murray goodreads. The wealth of new geographic information recorded by polo was widely used by european navigators. In the excerpts that follow, marco polo or his arab sources describes the cities and urban life of yuandynasty china. Marco polo in 1271, a young venetian merchant named marco polo set out for asia with his father and his uncle. The travels of marco polo, volume 2 by rustichello of pisa. What mythical creature did marco polo claim to find. And all paid honour to the three gentlemen, agreeing that they could be.

Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from. Buy the travels of marco polo classics of world literature new edition by polo, marco, colbert, benjamin, griffith, tom, marsden, william isbn. Marco polo was a venetian explorer known for the book the travels of marco polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in asia. First, it is necessary to put the travels in context. In english, this book is also known as the travels of marco polo, and it. The national consortium for teaching about asia ncta. Excerpt from the travels of marco polo in the prosecution of this task, it soon appeared that there was room for much more than a mere reprint and access has been obtained to important materials, unknown to mr marsden, or any former british edi tor. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The travels of marco polobook 3chapter 9 wikisource. You must know that it is the greatest palace that ever was.

Here is a selection of some interesting excerpts i marked when reading the travels of marco polo. Learn all about marco polo and his life, from the time he was born, to his twentyfour years in china, to his time in jail, up until his death. Marco polo could have found books already in circulation. While he was imprisoned, he met a writer from the city of pisa who encouraged marco to write of his travels in asia. The venetian concerning kingdoms and marvels of the east, volumes i and ii, translated and edited by colonel sir henry yule london. About the reading in the early 0s, an italian explorer named marco polo became one of the first westerners to travel to china.

Volume 2 as a pdf from internet archive there are several formats available for download see their left box but the pdf is the best the i read italian site has a free marco polo game for small children, teaching them about polo and teaching them italian at the same time. He was originally from venice, but he, his father, and his uncle travelled extensively to the far east. The account of marco polos travels through asia dictated to another while he was in prison in venice. Marco polo is the great khans emissary who is commissioned to travel throughout his empire. Marco polo september 15, 1254 january 9, 24 was a venetian merchant traveler whose travels are recorded in il milione the millions, now known as the travels of marco polo, a book which did much to introduce europeans to central. Asikan fell ill on the passage, and this made the second general fan wenhu undecided as to his course.

Then explain that marco polo was a very observant young man, who most likely kept a detailed diary of his travels. Marco polo is sent to investigate and report back his findings about people, customs, culture, climate, flora and fauna, game, birds and. The travels of marco polo, the venetian marco polo full view 1914. Marco polo and rustichello of pisa, the travels of marco polo, volumes 1 and 2. Marco polo, venetian merchant and adventurer who traveled from europe to asia in 127195, remaining in china for 17 of those years. Marco traveled much of china and the east, and his stories were written into a.

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